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Film Continuity
BladeRunner Bradbury Interior

Interior of the Bradbury Building

The Bradbury Apartments was an apartment complex in the Ninth Sector of Los Angeles where J.F. Sebastian lived with his constructed friends.


In November 2019, after encountering the fugitive Nexus-6 Pris, Sebastian welcomed her into his home. They were soon joined by Roy Batty.[1]

After Batty killed Sebastian and Eldon Tyrell, Blade Runner Rick Deckard was led to the building, where he retired Pris. This led to a game of cat-and-mouse with Batty, leading to the building's roof, where Batty saved his life and ultimately died.[1]

The building still functioned as an apartment complex in 2032, with residents such as Joseph and Doc Badger, the latter running a shop there as well.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The interior of the Bradbury Apartments was filmed at the real-life Bradbury Building in Los Angeles.


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