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Cal Moreaux was a Los Angeles Police Department detective and former soldier to participated in the siege of Kalanthia.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In 2007, Moreaux was a soldier. During the siege of Kalanthia, Moreaux and fellow soldier Avery resorted to opening a box provided by the Tyrell Corporation "if all else fails." As Moreaux cleared a nearby hallway, Avery opened the box, freeing two individuals who killed all nearby forces.[1]

By 2009, Moreaux was employed by the Los Angeles Police Department as a detective, specializing in cold cases. He constantly visited his sister, Nia in the hospital, though she remained in a catatonic state. After a visit to Nia, Moreaux went to the precinct, where he was assigned to investigate the apparent suicide of Tyrell engineer Lydia Kine.[1]

Going to the corporation's headquarters – the first non-employee allowed inside – Moreaux examined the scene and attempted to question Effie Koropey, Kine's assistant who had discovered the body. However, they were interrupted by Ilora Stahl, a representative selected by Eldon Tyrell to deal with any inquiries from the LAPD concerning the case. After telling Moreaux that any relevant information was already sent to the LAPD, she insisted that his skill set would be put to better use by the Tyrell Corporation.[1]

Later at La Plume Savage, a friend of Moreaux's attempted to talk him out of joining Tyrell for the sake of his sister. Upon his return home, Moreaux encountered Lydia Kine's brother Marcus who insisted that his sister's death was not a suicide and was being covered up by the company. Just then, Moreaux saw someone attempting to push a large crate onto Marcus. Pushing him to safety, Moreaux took Marcus into his apartment. He then received a phone call from Effie, who told him that the night Lydia was killed, a Nexus-5 prototype escaped.[1]

Eventually fleeing the apartment, Moreaux returned to his precinct with Marcus in tow. Leaving him momentarily, Moreaux went to the morgue to examine Kine's body. Finding her wounds to be inconsistent with a suicide, Moreaux's sergeant expressed his displeasure at Moreaux disallowing the death to be an open-and-shut case. After leaving the morgue, Moreaux returned to find Marcus gone, with nobody providing him answers as to who took him.[2]

He later met Effie at Nemo's Diner, where she confided in him that upon her employment, she was convinced that Tyrell would simply upgrade the Nexus-4. However, she and the staff were assigned to create and constantly upgrade the Nexus-5, which resulted in its obsession with optimization. Moreaux then questioned why replicants were designed to look human.[2]

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