Kalanthia or Calantha is an Off-world colony referenced in both Blade Runner Black Out 2022 and Blade Runner 2049.


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Iggy checks the dead soldiers right eye

Kalanthia is first mentioned by Iggy Cygnus as he recounts his experience there to fellow replicant Trixie. Iggy begins his story with "I saw the truth on the fields of Kalanthia". We are shown his experience in combat, where following a violent engagement, he comes across the corpse of an enemy combatant. Iggy then proceeds to check the dead soldiers right eye. Upon realizing that the dead soldier was also Nexus, Iggy says "That's when I realized both sides were Nexus. Nothing more than toy soldiers in a sandbox".


Officer K questions Sapper

Kalanthia is also referenced in Blade Runner 2049 by LAPD Officer K, as he questions Sapper Morton inside his home. Upon noticing Sapper's utility bag, K mentions that such bags are military issue only, given to Nexus-8 combat model in warzones such as Kalanthia. K adds that Kalanthia "Must have been brutal".


In the Blade Runner 2049 (and its script) its named Calantha, but in Blade Runner: Blackout 2022 its named Kalanthia. Its name appears on the screen as Kalanthia when Gaff with Holden are watching the files of the replicants.


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