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Charlie Victor was a C-V android who served in World War Terminus. After the war, he was used as a bounty hunter to track down and eliminate a group of androids he served alongside.


Victor served alongside Talus in the war. On one occasion, Victor observed the corpse of a human soldier, observing how little damage they could take compared to androids. Talus pointed to this apparent fragility as the difference between humand and androids, pointing out a field of dead human bodies. When Talus embraced the idea of organic life going extinct and synthetic life being superior, Victor believed Talus' programming was faulty, but soon did understand his point of view.[1] During his service, Victor became an expert at detecting signs of an impending ambush.[2]

After the war, he was employed as a bounty hunter by the San Francisco Police Department and a bomb was implanted into his torso, so he could gather a group of rogue androids and elimate them – and himself – at the same time.[3] As he walked the streets after being given his assignment, Victor observed a freshly-dead owl, which he figured to be the last of its species. He compared it to encountering a dead body for the first time on the battlefield, which caused him to ponder the true nature of life.[4]

For assistance with his job, he went to Malcolm Reed, a special who had the ability to detect emotion, which would come in handy because C-V androids could not experience emotion. He brought with him a notice that told Reed he was reassigned from his salvage yard duties to helping Victor.[4]

He confiscated Reed's medication – which suppressed his abilities – and explained to him why he needed him for his assignment.[4] Knowing the type of place the androids might hide, Victor led Reed to an office building. There, one of the employees recognized a photo of a rogue android as someone who briefly worked in the office's IT department. Victor then led Reed toward the android's last known address.[5]

Arriving at the address, Reed did not detect any emotions. Victor kicked in the door and inside, they found a number of dead animals. Victor observed that not all of the animals appeared to have died at the scene, so he figured the android simply liked to watch them decay. Reed compared this mentality to that of a serial killer, but Victor stated that this activity from an android was even worse.[1]

They left the apartment and outside, Reed spotted a man with no signs of emotion. When Victor called out to him, the man ran and Victor pursued him to the San Francisco Public Library. Drawing his pistol, Victor cautiously made his way into the seemingly-abandoned building.[1] Noting tell-tale signs of an ambush, Victor quickly retires two androids that lied in wait before being pounced upon by the android he pursued. After a brief struggle, he retired him too and found an ID badge for the Presidio on him.[2]

Victor and Reed went to the Presidio, where Victor requested help from Dr. Samantha Wu to identify any androids in his files. Whilst Reed excused himself to the restroom, Sam looked through the files, asking Victor if androids like him missed having emotions, to which Victor answered that he could not miss something he never had. Then, Sam recognized one of the androids as her assistant, Faith, prompting Victor to rush to find Reed.[2]

With Reed absent from the building, Victor believed he had been kidnapped by Faith. Sam provided Faith's address to him and he insisted that she accompany him in tracking Faith down, threatening her with a charge of obstruction of justice. Reluctantly, Sam agreed to assist him under the conditions that he not call her Dr. Wu and that he answer any of her questions pertaining to android psychology.[6]

Arriving at Faith's apartment, they found it abandoned. Victor located a keycard belonging to the Sentinel Building, which Sam said to be located on Kearney Street. Suddenly, armed androids crashed into the apartment through the windows and Victor drew his handgun.[6] He used a flash grenade to fend off the attackers long enough to usher Sam from the apartment. He remained inside engaged in battle for a few moments before emerging and taking Sam to the building's rooftop.[7]

They hid whilst being hunted by one remaining android, who quickly discovered their location. Injured from the firefight, Victor collapsed and Sam quickly picked up his gun to kill the android. Victor pointed out a repair kit in his jacket for Sam to treat his wounds with.[7] As his wounds were treated, he warned Sam to avoid a series of wires present inside of him. When Victor indicated that he could not feel pain, Sam mentioned that emotions could be simulated for an android through the use of an EMP charge. However, Victor declined this for himself, as he believed emotions to be nothing but trouble.[8]

Victor fashioned an EMP device out of a taser and prepared to journey to the Sentinel Building. He advised Sam to go elsewhere for her safety, but she refused. Accepting her refusal, Victor gave her the taser.[8]

The two went to the Sentinel Building, where only one android was immediately hostile. After quickly retiring him, Victor believed that the remaining androids did not wish to immediately kill him, so he calmly led Sam to the apartment where the androids awaited them.[8] He handed over his weapons and noted the fact that there were more androids in the group than he had files for. Talus explained that they only had time to delete the records of three androids, who were preparing the group's plan to flood the city with dust.[3]

When Sam used the taser to simulate emotions for Talus, Hope was distracted, allowing Victor to disarm her. Unable to endure the feeling of losing his comrades, Talus urged Faith to put down her gun as well. Victor asked Talus to recall the remaining androids, agreeing to end Talus' emotional torment in exchange for this. The other androids came to the building and Faith urged them to shoot him. He then pointed out the futility of this, informing them of the bomb planted in his torso. Enraged, Talus tackled Victor, who told Sam to get herself and Reed to safety. Victor remarked that Talus' emotions had gotten the better of him and that his mission was to gather all of the remaining androids and kill them with the bomb blast. With Sam and Reed to safety, the bomb was detonated, killing all of the androids in the apartment.[3]