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"City of Angels" is the first episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


"An amnesiac named Elle enters Los Angeles, carrying only a locked data device that may hold the secrets of her past."

Official synopsis

In October 2032, Elle wakes in the back of a transport vehicle, with a black lotus tattoo on her shoulder and no memory of how she got there. She carries with her an encrypted data device as she reaches Los Angeles. The city does not appear as she remembers, but is determined to find her way home. Along the way, she is attacked, during which she experiences flashbacks to being attacked by a man. She manages to fight off her attackers, much to her own amazement.

Remembering the address of her home, she is pointed to a building that is unfamiliar to her, except for a painting of an angel upon a yellow wall. Elle encounters Doc Badger, who welcomes her into his shop. Elle hides as Drove, one of her attackers, comes into the shop, asking Doc Badger if he had seen Elle or the data device. Doc Badger denies seeing her and Drove leaves the shop with a threat. Elle asks Doc if he can unlock the device. He agrees to help her if she prevents Drove's gang from giving her any more trouble.

Borrowing a sword from Doc's shop, Elle confronts the gang and incapacitates them, killing their leader and demanding the rest leave Doc alone. This prompts another flashback to stabbing the man who she recalled as attacking her. After this, she stole the data device from the man and wandered through the desert, eventually boarding a transport vehicle.

Elle returns to Doc Badger's shop, and he tells her that he is unable to crack the device. However, he tells her an upstairs neighbor may be able to. He takes her to the top floor of the apartment complex, where they find Joseph passed out on his couch.




Motion capture[]


  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Hiroto Tanaka
  • Yuko Kawana
  • Takashi Furuya
  • Kouhei Matsuoka