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"Clair de Lune" is the tenth episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


After having nightmares of her encounters with the hunters and Niander Wallace, Sr., Elle wakes in Joseph's apartment and tells him of her inability to forget. Acknowledging that replicant memories do not fade, Joseph points out that sometimes human memories linger.

In a flashback, Joseph sits at a bar as he listens to a singer, Selene perform. He calls his precinct to report that he has located the last of ten targets he had been assigned: Selene. He follows Selene to her dressing room, where she has just signed an autograph for a fan. The fan leaves and Selene immediately reveals that she has figured that Joseph is a policeman. Admitting that she did not run because she was always curious of what her short life would bring next, she tells Joseph to come back the next night to see what happens.

Joseph continues to visit the bar several nights in a row without retiring Selene until he encounters Marlowe there, who inquires about his failure to retire his target a week after identifying her. Marlowe quickly figures that Selene is the target and that Joseph has fallen for her. He urges Joseph to retire her that night, or else he take care of it himself.

Before she ascends the stage, Marlowe tells Selene that it will be her last performance. As such, Selene bids farewell to her audience before singing one last song for them. Outside, Joseph and Selene kiss before Joseph shoots her and she dies in his arms. Back in the present, Joseph tells Elle that he cannot shake this memory, that he remembers the bar every night.

Elle recalls being with her boyfriend by a pool and she asks him why he has not been searching for him. The boyfriend suggests that perhaps it is she who should be looking for him. She tells Joseph about this memory and her desire to find the man in her memory, prompting him to retrieve a device from Doc Badger's shop, which allows her to draw a sketch of her boyfriend. Elle takes all night to make the sketch, which Joseph recognizes as Niander Wallace, Jr.

As Wallace puts a water lily tattoo on another replicant, Joseph calls him, learning that their arrangement was to help Wallace rather than Elle, as Joseph had believed. Joseph then asks Wallace what happens next.




Motion capture[]


  • Yuho Oishi as Guitarist
  • Shinichiro Kawawake as Bassist
  • Kensho Yokota as Drummer
  • Yuki Taniguchi as Pianist


  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Hiroto Tanaka
  • Yuko Kawana