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Film Continuity

Clarence was a Nexus-8 replicant who served as a butler to Penelope at Alexander Selwyn's former home in Santa Barbara.


In 2039, Clarence greeted the Nexus-9 Blade Runner Luv, who immediately recognized Clarence as a Nexus-8. Penelope quickly excused his presence by explaining that she had special exemption to the Nexus-8 ban. When Luv began questioning Penelope about Alexander Selwyn and indicating an intent to search the premises, Clarence distracted Luv by pointing a gun at her, allowing Penelope to attack. Once she subdued Luv and left her face down in the foyer's fountain, she asked Clarence to see that Luv would be removed by morning.[1]

Clarence contacted the police, who then contacted the Wallace Corporation to take Luv away. Hythe later confided in him that Selwyn's most important files still existed at the home's laboratory and had him ready her car to set off for Los Angeles.[2]