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Film Continuity

Clovis is the main antagonist of the 1997 Blade Runner video game. He is the leader of a group of renegade replicants.


Highly intelligent and eloquent, Clovis is a former space soldier who is extremely ruthless, unpredictable and at times, capable of extreme acts of aggression.

Clovis walks with a limp. It is not known if it was due to wounds he received during his extraterrestrial army service or during his escape from Tyrell headquarters. Clovis staged the raid on Runciter's animal shop. Later it was revealed he did so to punish the guilty shop owner who wanted to take advantage of Lucy Devlin, to whom Clovis is like a father figure.

He has a love interest, an exotic dancer named Dektora. Terrorist and demolition expert Sadik is extremely loyal to him and acts as his sidekick. Clovis attempted to convince Blade Runner Ray McCoy to believe the fact that the latter is an replicant himself.

Fate Edit

Depending on the player's action, Clovis can be "retired" by McCoy via gunshot, or 'die of natural cause' in the moonbus. Alternatively, McCoy may join the replicants' cause and save Clovis and his friends from death, with DNA data fragments he retrieved from various Tyrell scientists.

If McCoy choose to flee the city, he will bypass the final moment of Clovis. In this situation, while the death of Clovis is almost for certain, it is not known if he died of "expiration", or is 'retired' by other Blade Runners like Gaff.

Behind the scenes Edit

Clovis, as a character, bears strikingly resemblance to Roy Batty in the 1982 film. His situation and actions mirrored Roy in many ways:

  • Both are fugitive replicant leaders with highest possible intelligence and physiques
  • Both are eloquent and like to cite poems
  • Both are nearing the end of their life, and are seeking ways to enlengthen it for themselves and for their kind
  • Both are very protective to their loved ones.
  • If McCoy is loyal to Blade Runner's cause and retires confirmed replicants without showing mercy, Clovis will break McCoy's fingers in revenge for his friends, just like what Roy did to Deckard
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