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Officer Crams was an android harness bull who was employed by a precinct claiming to be part of the San Francisco Police Department.


On January 3, 1992/2021, Crams responded to a call from Luba Luft to apprehend bounty hunter Rick Deckard, whom she accused of being a sexual deviant.[1]

After failing to recognize Deckard, despite claiming to know all of the department's bounty hunters, Crams allowed Deckard to contact his superior, Harry Bryant. However, Crams was paying no attention to Deckard's call and when it was turned over to Crams, Bryant had disappeared. Confirming with his precinct that Deckard and Bryant were not employed there, he decided to arrest Deckard. Frisking him, Crams took note of a recently fired handgun, which Deckard said he had just used on an android whose remains were in his car on the roof. Ascending to the rooftop, Crams examined the body and called for it to be picked up. On the way to the precinct on Mission Street, Crams disregarded Deckard's claims of working at the precinct on Lombard Street, saying it had not been used in years. Upon arrival, Crams passed Deckard off to Inspector Garland.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Crams appears only in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its graphic novel adaptation.

He does not have an equivalent character in Blade Runner. However, the 1997 video game includes a situation similar to Deckard's arrest, with Crams' equivalent character being Holloway.