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"There's a beautiful little thing in here called the magic and it ain't ever been wrong. You develop it, you've got a brilliant career ahead of you."[src]

Crystal Steele was a veteran Blade Runner of the Los Angeles Police Department.

She was a colleague of Blade Runner Ray McCoy, who she nicknamed "Slim." Steele was very much in favor of replicant extermination and was an excellent marksman, scoring an almost perfect score on the LAPD's gun range. She displayed a minor attraction to McCoy, as well as considerable disrespect and condescension.

She wore a pair of black shades and smokes Lucky Strikes, which could found by McCoy as a mark of her presence.


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Steele was either killed by McCoy or an explosion set up by Sadik.[1]

If Steele survived, she paired up with McCoy as he gained the rank of "full Blade Runner" following the retirement of Clovis, the rogue replicants' leader, in the Moonbus.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Steele's a hell of a Blade Runner and one tough cookie–quick, agile, strong and smart. She's on a special undercover assignment right now, but if you're lucky you just might get a chance to see her in action. Keep your eyes open and you could learn a lot. Don't let Steele's sweet disposition fool you, though - somewhere down deep lies the heart of a killer."

Behind the Scenes booklet[src]

Steele's fate is ultimately determined by the actions of the player.


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