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Dangerous Days

Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner is a 2007 documentary by Charles de Lauzirika chronicling the production of Blade Runner. It was released alongside Blade Runner: The Final Cut for the film's twenty-fifth anniversary.


Incept Date: 1980 - Screenwriting and Dealmaking[]

The writing process, finding of a director, finding of financiers, art inspiration, and early clashes are chronicled.

Blush Response: Assembling the Cast[]

This segment discusses the casting of Rick Deckard, Roy Batty, Rachael, Pris, Holden, Zhora, and Gaff.

A Good Start: Designing the Future[]

The film's production design and locations are described.

Eye of the Storm: Production Begins[]


Blade Runner - Making of Blade Runner - Warner. Bros Entertainment

Full "Eye of the Storm" segment

The beginning of the film's production and some of its troubles are detailed.

Living in Fear: Tension on the Set[]

Conflict among the cast and crew are chronicled, as well as the filming of the rooftop scene. Early post-production troubles are also detailed.

Beyond the Window: Visual Effects[]

The film's visual effects are detailed, including Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? author Philip K. Dick's reaction to them.

In Need of Magic: Post-Production Problems[]

The post-production process is detailed, notably the conflicts over what to be included or cut from the film as well as the unicorn dream sequence, voiceover, and the "happy ending." The music is also briefly covered.

To Hades and Back: Release and Resurrection[]

The release and immediate reception, commercial failure, and eventual influence of the film are detailed.