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Film Continuity

Scramble I showed them how to scramble the records, cover their tracks.

Parts of this subject's history, such as their fate or identity as a human or replicant are determined by random generation, player action, or a combination of both. Thus, this article aims to acknowledge all of the possibilities.

Dektora was an exotic dancer who worked at Early Q's nightclub under the name Hecuba and was involved with a group of replicants led by Clovis.


Dektora was one of the biggest earners at Early Q's club by mid-November 2019. After a performance, she was visited in her dressing room by Blade Runner Ray McCoy. If McCoy attempted to perform a Voight-Kampff test on her or tried to warn her about Crystal Steele, Dektora summoned Holloway to take him away.[1]


If Dektora was a replicant and formed a romantic relationship with McCoy, she left the city with him. Alternatively, she could have also left with McCoy and the other surviving replicants on the Moonbus or was killed by McCoy.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Dektora's human or replicant nature is determined randomly at the start of each new game.


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