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Film Continuity

Dektora is exotic dancer who works at Early Q's nightclub and has an involvement with the replicants, mainly Clovis and Lucy. She is soft spoken, has a blond hair and wears a dark dress. As with the other characters mentioned above, Dektora is randomly determined to be a replicant or not at the start of each new game. If McCoy's status remains ambiguous and he sides with neither the replicants nor the police; instead leaving the city - either alone or with Dektora. But if Ray a human and still a Blade Runner, he found Dektora in the bar after the show where he can make the Voight-Kampff test on her. But she suddenly make a phone call with Holloway who hits McCoy and Holloway partner Baker starts to torture. After when McCoy escaped with Crystal Steele help, he find Dektora on the top of the nightclub where he can retired her or live her.

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