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Film Continuity

Desiree was a childhood friend of Cal and Nia Moreaux.


Desiree grew up with the Moreauxs in the Los Angeles slums, with Cal being particularly protective of Desiree and his sister.[1]

One evening in 2009, Desiree was at All Caps when Cal, by this time an LAPD Detective, came seeking information about Nia, a prototype Nexus-5 replicant. Desiree used this opportunity to ambush Cal, she and the fellow bar patrons wishing to send a message to the Tyrell Corporation by attacking Cal, who they perceived as a traitor.[2]

Carlisle, who led the attack, left Moreaux with his jacket, which he used to incapacitate his attackers before convincing Desiree to help him with his investigation. Knowing where the Nexus-5 was, she led Cal to her, telling him that she called herself Nia.[1]

When the slums were attacked by a militia of Nexus-3s led by Ilora Stahl, Desiree helped to protect and evacuate her fellow residents.[3]

Once the defenders regrouped at La Plume Sauvage, Desiree stood guard with Moreaux and they briefly reminisced about their upbringings alongside Nia. Soon, Nia interrupted to speak with her brother, telling him of her plan to assassinate Stahl. However, upon his refusal, Nia employed Desiree's help in reaching the Tyrell headquarters.[4]

Shortly after Nia was retired by Moreaux, Desiree left Los Angeles.[5]