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Film Continuity

Divina was a drag queen and the proprietor of La Plume Sauvage in Los Angeles.


Divina was in a relationship with Avery until his death in the Off-world colonies at the hands of a replicant.[1]

Divina's friend, Detective Cal Moreaux, had at some point become a regular at Divina's bar. In 2009, Moreaux informed Divina about a case he had been assigned, investigating the death of Tyrell Corporation engineer Lydia Kine. Divina tried to discourage Moreaux from becoming employed by Tyrell, for the sake of Moreaux's sister.[2]

Moreaux later brought Lydia's brother Marcus to La Plume Sauvage for his protection,[3] with Divina giving him odd jobs at the bar in order to pass the time.[1]

Asa – a replicant which contained the consciousness of Lydia Kine – joined Moreaux's investigation and helped bring Arnault – a malfunctioning replicant – to the bar. As Asa was unable to determine what was wrong with him, Divina suggested that perhaps he was suffering an existential crisis.[1]

Asa later came to Divina for advice on mending his relationship with Marcus, to which Divina suggested that perhaps Marcus just did not understand the situation.[1] Divina later encouraged Marcus to join Asa in the investigation.[4]

As a result of an attack by Ilora Stahl, La Plume Sauvage was left in disarray. Knowing Marcus' role in the attack, Divina banned him from the establishment.[5] Divina apologized to Asa for doing this, but Asa harbored no ill feelings, knowing it was the right thing to do.[6]

After Nia Moreaux's death and the establishment of the Los Angeles Police Department Blade Runner Unit, Divina helped to provide safety to refugee replicants.[7]