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Film Continuity

Doctor Badger was a pawnshop owner in Los Angeles who supposedly could get anything for his customers, even real animals.


In October 2032, Doc Badger met the replicant Elle, welcoming her into his shop. Drove and another gang member then entered the shop, asking if he had seen the now-hiding Elle. When he denied this, Drove threatened him and left. Elle then re-emerged and showed Doc an encrypted data device. However, he refused to decrypt it without payment. This prompted Elle to offer to deal with Drove's gang for him, borrowing a sword from the shop for the job.[2]

Elle later returned, having held up her end of the deal. However, Doc admitted he was unable to decrypt the device, instead offering to give the job to Joseph, an upstairs neighbor, while also insisting that Elle keep the sword. Taking her to the top floor, they found Joseph passed out on his couch.[2]

After Elle managed to wake Joseph, Doc introduced them and Joseph reluctantly agreed to help with the device. As Elle noticed a television broadcast, Badger identified Niander Wallace, Sr. and Senator Arthur Bannister to her. Elle then seemingly changed her mind, making off with the device and leaving both Doc and Joseph confused by her actions.[3]

Doc was later found by Officer Alani Davis, who attempted to ask him about Elle. However, he resisted such questioning, claiming he needed to shut down his shop for the day. Before she left, Davis stuck her foot in the door and told him they would be in touch.[4]

Doc later returned to Joseph's apartment to help Elle print off photos from an Esper analysis of footage from the device.[1]

Joseph later barged into Doc's shop, silently searching for a machine. Joseph denied that this had anything to do with Elle and that it was merely for a side project. Despite Doc's attempts to learn more – bringing attention to the fact that they had not talked since meeting Elle – Joseph left with the machine without revealing its purpose.[5]

One month later, Doc went to Joseph's apartment, looking for him. Instead, he found Elle's sword.[6]

On July 5, 2049, K and Joi visited Doc's shop, where he conducted an examination of a wooden horse found by K at Morrillcole Orphanage. The examination revealed extraordinarily high levels of radiation (tritium), leading K to the ruins of Las Vegas.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Doc Badger first appeared in Blade Runner 2049, played by Barkhad Abdi. Abdi reprised the role in Blade Runner: Black Lotus, with Takayuki Kinba providing the Japanese voice.

In Blade Runner 2049, the character only speaks in Somali. The same was initially considered for Blade Runner: Black Lotus before it was decided that he would speak English.[8]


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