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Film Continuity

Doctor Murphy, nicknamed Doctor M, was a doctor and professor of medicine as of late 2032.


In 2032, Doctor M attended a "doll hunt," the hunting of a group of fully-subservient replicants. He invited Los Angeles Police Chief Earl Grant and his wife Josephine.[1]

Later, a surviving target, Elle, gained entry to Doctor M's lab. While inside, she tripped a laser, which alerted M to her presence and allowed him to stun her. M and his assistant, Goodman, placed Elle on a machine and examined her memories, finding that she remembered some of them differently than they had been programmed and that some had been given to her by someone else.[2]

Elle soon broke free from her restraints and attempted to take Goodman hostage. Undeterred, M shot Goodman in the shoulder, prompting Elle to let go of him and hide. M fired off more shots, one of which hit the machine, creating a cloud of gas. Obscured by the fog, Elle held her sword to M's neck and he revealed that Niander Wallace, Sr. had organized the doll hunt. As security guards came in, Elle sliced open Doctor M's side, killing him.[2]