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Film Continuity

Drove was a Los Angeles gang member.


In October 2032, Drove's gang attacked Elle, taking note of a high-tech data device she carried. However, the young woman managed to fend off the gang. Afterward, Drove and a fellow gang member went to Doc Badger's shop, asking if he had seen Elle. Doc denied seeing her, prompting Drove to leave, but not without threatening him if he had indeed seen Elle.[2]

Elle later confronted the gang, again managing to overpower them. During the fight, she sliced off Drove's right hand with a katana.[2]

Drove later wore his injured arm in a sling and the remaining group was located by Officer Alani Davis, who was searching for Elle. Drove resisted such questioning and his gang attacked her. After a brief scuffle, Davis gained the upper hand and told the other gang members to leave. Drove then reluctantly informed her that Elle had attacked the gang and killed their leader and had carried a data device.[3]