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Dust to Dust #1 is the first issue of Dust to Dust.


In the days following World War Terminus, bounty hunter Charlie Victor, a combat android, observes the results, including the death of animals as he comes upon a newly-dead owl, supposedly the last of its kind. He goes to the apartment of the special Malcolm Reed, a salvage worker who has the ability to sense emotions. Victor hires Reed to help identify renegade Grozzi Corporation C-V model androids so he can retire them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Samantha "Sam" Wu goes to her job at an animal research laboratory in the Presidio, along the way considering leaving Oakland. Upon entering, her co-worker Betty tries introducing her to Mercerism.

Hope informs Talus, the leader of the renegade C-V androids, that there is a new bounty hunter who is also an android. Talus decides a change in the group's strategy is necessary as a result of this finding.