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Dust to Dust #2 is the second issue of Dust to Dust.


The drugs suppressing Reed's empathic abilities begin to wear off as Victor suggests they move their search for the androids.

Sam studies the effects of the atmosphere's radioactive dust on animals, noting that only one rabbit has been found to be resistant. However, she becomes frustrated with the fact that none of her studies into the dust have been fruitful. Openly expressing empathy for the rabbit, Sam is warned by her assistant Faith that she is beginning to sound like Mercer followers.

Victor and Reed search an office for the androids and a worker recognizes one of the photos as a former employee in the IT department.

Talus summons his fellow androids, telling them of Victor and his wish to see the end of human life.

Reed begins to become overwhelmed by his abilities, but Victor urges him to continue assisting him.

Meanwhile, a San Francisco Police Department officer opens a file on Reed, remarking, "Gotcha."