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Dust to Dust #4 is the fourth issue of Dust to Dust.


Victor quickly realizes that an attack is imminent and is able to retire two of them before the one he pursued pounces on him. After a brief struggle, he manages to retire this android as well, finding an ID badge for the Presidio on him. He returns to Reed, announcing their next destination.

Sam and Penfield begin their experiment, with Sam in the facility's FMRI scanner whilst holding an empathy box. While holding it handles, she sees Wilbur Mercer climbing a rocky structure and remarks on how real it feels. After the experiment, Sam notes that while using the box, it felt to her that several weeks went by, despite the fact that it was only functioning for thirty seconds. She further reports her experience, amazed by its transcendent nature and the empathy she felt for Mercer. Penfield notes that the box merely overstimulated Sam's temporal lobe, likening it to an EMP being used on an android's brain to simulate emotion.

Sam leaves to tell Faith about this experience, but is met by Victor and Reed. Victor explains his task and Reed's abilities, informing Sam that an android had previously worked there and wished to find any others. Fascinated by androids and the fact that Victor is one, Sam agrees to help. Searching for a restroom, Reed's condition worsens and he begins to hallucinate.

Talus is informed of the aftermath of the failed ambush and Hope updates him on Victor's location, for which Talus prepares a plan. Meanwhile, someone finds Reed in the restroom as Sam looks through Victor's files to identify any androids. She pauses briefly to ask Victor if he misses having emotions, to which Victor responds that he cannot miss something he never had. Suddenly, she recognizes one of the mugshots in Victor's files, being that of Faith, her assistant.

Faith leaves the building with Reed at gunpoint.