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Dust to Dust #5 is the fifth issue of Dust to Dust.


Reed is brought before Talus and notes that the lack of emotion in the room calms his mind. Talus asks him how he is able to identify androids.

Meanwhile, Sam provides Faith's address to Victor, who is certain that Reed was abducted by her. Victor insists that she come with him to track down Faith, saying that it would be an obstruction of justice if she does not comply. Begrudgingly, she agrees, but on the conditions that he call her Sam instead of Dr. Wu and that he answer any questions she has about android psychology.

Talus recalls the first time he diverged from his programming during the war. Having been given orders to minimize civilian casualties, he decided to ignore this, ending any lives he felt necessary to complete his primary objectives. Reed likens him to a paranoid schizophrenic and suggests that perhaps he is merely imagining his current situation, which he sees as ideal, since his mind is at ease. In an attempt to convince him that his predicament is real, Talus takes Reed to a window and has him identify androids he can see on the street. His accuracy prompts Talus to again question how Reed's mind works.

Victor and Sam break into Faith's apartment, finding it to be recently abandoned. Inside, Victor finds a keycard, noting that the apartment door as a regular key lock.

Free of the suppression of medication and emotion, the reality of Reed's situation dawns on him, realizing that he really is in the company of androids. The androids arm themselves to prepare for Victor's arrival, should he survive another attack.

Victor identifies the keycard as belonging to the Sentinel Building, which Sam says to be on Kearney Street. Armed androids then crash through the windows and Victor draws his pistol.