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Dust to Dust #6 is the sixth issue of Dust to Dust.


Using a flash grenade, Victor successfully manages to fend off the attackers long enough to get Sam out of the apartment while he remains inside with the other androids.

Meanwhile, Reed continues to ponder whether he is hallucinating or not and asks Faith why she was working in the lab. She answers that Talus ordered her to, as he wanted to know the latest research into the dust and wished to destroy the cure for dust-related illnesses if ever discovered. The remainder of the C-V group arrives at the hideout to await Talus.

Sam stands outside of the apartment, fearing that she will be shot if she passes in front of the apartment door in an attempt to reach the stairs. As soon as she musters up enough courage, Victor bursts out, taking the two of them upstairs to reach higher ground.

Talus brings two men to Reed to test his android-detecting ability. He identifies one as human and Talus promptly kills the man. Talus, now fully convinced of Reed's capabilities, states that the group will use him to identify anyone sent to kill them.

Victor and Sam hide on the building's roof as an android hunts them. Injured from the earlier firefight, Victor collapses and is shot by the android. Quickly, Sam snatches Victor's handgun and shoots the android dead. Sam prepares to treat Victor's wounds.

Talus tells Reed that once Victor is dealt with, the group's "real" plans will be carried out.