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Dust to Dust #7 is the seventh issue of Dust to Dust.


Sam treats Victor's wounds and is warned by him to avoid a few wires that are present inside of him. After Victor indicates that he cannot feel pain, Sam tells him about her experiment earlier and points out the fact that an EMP would allow him to feel something. Victor is not interested in experiencing this, believing feelings to lead to nothing but trouble.

Noting emotions to be humanity's most significant weakness, Talus is fascinated by Reed's apparent lack of emotion. However, he does not perceive Reed to be any stronger because of this. Reed, even more at ease due to his lack of medication or others' emotions, he reaches the conclusion that he is feeling happy. He tells Talus that he enjoys being around the androids more than he does humans. Talus ensures him that there will soon be a lack of people to be around Reed.

Victor builds an EMP device out of a taser as he assures Sam that he has no interest in feeling emotions. He prepares to leave for the Sentinel Building, advising Sam to go elsewhere to stay safe. However, she refuses, wishing to see the conflict unfold. Accepting her refusal, Victor then entrusts her with the taser.

The androids provide Reed with food as Talus and Faith argue a defensive strategy versus an aggressive one, respectively. Talus maintains his suggestion of a defensive strategy, reasoning that there will soon be nobody left in the city to defend themselves against. With this, Talus reveals to Reed that the androids have a plan to eliminate all human life from the city within the next day.

Victor and Sam enter the building. Cabirus, who guards the stairs, is quickly killed by Victor and the androids prepare for his arrival. Since the remaining androids have yet to attack, Victor surmises that they do not intend to immediately kill him, so he calmly enters the apartment where they hide.