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Dust to Dust #8 is the eighth issue of Dust to Dust.


Victor hands over his weapons without protest and observes how there were three more rogue androids than he had initially believed there were. Talus explains that during their escape, they only had time to delete the records of the three androids in question and that all of the androids not currently present were elsewhere, progressing the group's ultimate plans: releasing a massive amount of dust into the city's ventilation systems.

With Sam's emotions present, Reed is again in a state of unease and asks Sam if she could stop feeling afraid. Sam then takes the EMP device and turns it on before throwing it at Talus' head. It sticks and releases a charge, causing Talus to break down into tears. As Hope is distracted by this, Victor manages to grab her and takes her gun. Faith prepares to shoot, but Talus tells her not to, as he would be unable to bear Hope's loss. With the three present androids unarmed, Victor commands Talus to summon the remaining androids to the Sentinel Building, in exchange for ending the emotional torment Talus is subjected to.

The other androids return to the apartment, confused as to why they have been recalled. Faith tells them to shoot Victor, but he reveals the futility of this, as he has a bomb planted inside of his body that would detonate upon his death. Talus angrily hurls himself at Victor, who tells Sam to leave with Reed. Victor points out that Talus' emotions got the better of him and states that his entire mission was to bring the androids together and kill them all with the bomb. With Sam and Reed to safety, Victor detonates the bomb, killing himself and the rogue androids. Reflecting upon Victor's actions, Reed and Sam briefly ponder Mercer's command to "kill only the killers."

One year later, Reed watches news coverage on the Grozzi Corporation instating new safety protocols despite dwindling stock market value. Preceding the premiere of Buster Friendly and His Friendly Friends are advertisements for artificial animals and the Penfield mood organ. On the phone, Sam declines to return to the Presidio, due to a lack of progress. She dismisses herself to the bedroom to fuse with Mercer while Reed comments that he might get an electric pet.