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Film Continuity

Dyson was a member of the Replicant Resistance.


In 2027, Dyson assisted ex-Blade Runner Aahna Ashina in escaping police custody, smuggling her to the farm occupied by the group.[1]

After Hythe arrived at the farm, Dyson launched an attack, destroying the spinner that accompanied her.[2]

In 2029, when Ash went missing, her lover Freysa Sadeghpour consulted Dyson in finding her. Dyson insisted that she must have been taken by replicants, as she was capable of handling anything else.[3] After bring informed of Ash's whereabouts by Silka, the group managed to shut down power to five sectors.[4]

They went to Yotun's facility where Ash was being held, with Dyson, Silka, and Farhad acting as if they turned upon Freysa, holding her as prisoner. In addition to this, they told Yotun of their success of the power shutdown, a feign of support to his cause. However, while Yotun was skeptical of them, he decided to play along while taking Freysa with him on an important mission.[4]

After being taken to the living quarters by Lelia, who was promptly knocked out by Silka, Dyson and the group went to find Ash. They managed to free her from the tank and escape the facility, though Silka was killed in the pursuit. As they fled in a spinner, Dyson informed Ash that Yotun had taken Freysa. Ash then stated that she knew where Yotun was going.[4]