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Film Continuity

Earl Grant was Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department as of the year 2032.


Grant and his wife Josephine accompanied Arthur Bannister and Hayden Hooper on a hunt in a desert outside Los Angeles, invited by Doctor M.[1] Their targets being replicants designed to be completely submissive to humans, Grant was the first to open fire on them, causing them to disperse. Grant suggested they move closer to the replicants, the group managed to track one down. Grant toyed with him, urging him to fight back before shooting him dead.[2]

Later, Grant was alerted by Officer Alani Davis about Elle, known to her by a recognizable black lotus tattoo on her back. Telling Grant of the woman's lack of a history and the fact she had broken Bannister's neck before dropping him from a balcony, she believed Elle to be a replicant. Grant feigned a lack of concern and advised Davis leave the case alone and to leave her evidence with him. Upon examining a sketch of Elle's tattoo, Grant cursed and tossed it aside.[2]

Grant went to Niander Wallace, Sr. to inform him of Elle's escape, promising that she would be dealt with and that knowledge of the hunt would remain a secret.[3]

Grant ordered the police force to pursue Elle. Officer Davis approached him, suggesting he inform them of the possibility that Elle was a replicant, but Grant continued to firmly deny that Elle could be one. He then asked Davis to turn in her evidence from the case. He contacted Blade Runner Brook Marlowe, privately informing him that Elle was a replicant, sending him after her.[3]

Finding a file on Doc Badger, he sent a SWAT team to his shop, which prompted Marlowe to end his pursuit, as he felt his help was unnecessary, much to Grant's frustration. After the team failed to find Doc Badger or Elle, Grant received a call from his wife, who requested more security for their home out of her concern for the fugitive replicant.[3]

Shortly after Grant hung up, his wife called him again, saying she saw someone outside the apartment. He advised that she lock herself in their bedroom while he made his way over. He hurriedly left the precinct and started making his way over. Along the way, he called Marlowe, ordering him to the apartment.[1]

Upon his arrival, Grant found his wife tied to a chair inside their home office, with Elle holding a gun to her head. Upon being questioned, Grant claimed not to know who planned the hunt, which he likened to the hunting of animals, pointing out that Blade Runners often killed replicants, which were illegal. In an attempt to get Elle's guard down, he tried to tell her he wanted to help her and suddenly attacked. After firing a few missed shots, Grant was stabbed by Elle and as he died, he fired his gun, which again missed Elle, but instead struck his wife in the chest, killing her.[1]