Early Q is the owner and proprietor of Early Q's, a nightclub located in Nightclub Row. he is introduced and featured in Blade Runner (video game).


Early Q is a suave, mysterious individual who runs his Nightclub carefully - his bouncer, Hanoi, is wound fairly tight and keeps people out of the VIP Lounge when necessary.

It is implied Early Q molests young girls in his Nightclub - specifically giving orphans jobs as dancers - and a picture acquired by Blade Runner Ray McCoy analyzed on the Esper machine shows Early Q fooling around with 14 year old Lucy Devlin.

Events of 2019

Finding Dektora

Ray McCoy investigates Early Q's in order to acquire more information about Dektora and follows up on leads regarding dragonfly merchandise. McCoy accessed the VIP room and met with Early, who was questioned about his knowledge of Lucy and Dektora. Early claimed to not recognize Lucy but told McCoy that Dektora was just about to perform a show in the next room.  

Early Q's Office

After Dektora's dance, McCoy could then bypass Hanoi and enter Early's office. McCoy can find a disk hidden behind a painting, which prompts Early to find McCoy and offer him a drink. If McCoy does nothing and accepts the drink, he will be poisoned. Pulling his gun out on Early before he gets a drink forces Early to sit down and, eventually, give McCoy another disk. McCoy can then choose to keep both disks or honor the deal and give Early back his secret disk. Early can also be shot or poisoned by scorpions left on his chair.