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Earth, also referred to as Terra,[1] was the home planet of humans, governed by the UN.


By the 1980s, the Earth's governments were largely destroyed by corruption, with several countries ceasing to exist. This led to megacorporations taking control of the planet's cities, many of which grew into megacities. The UN was rebuilt to handle world-wide laws.[2]

Meanwhile, the Earth's environment was doomed by war, pollution, and neglect, causing food shortages and organic life facing extinction. Plans were put forth to emigrate from the planet, leading to the development of replicants and the Off-World Emigration Program, which saw the settlement of Mars and the Earth's moon by the late 1990s. Emigration was limited to those who could afford the high price and pass mental and physical tests.[2]

Many who remained on the planet were encouraged to emigrate and replicants were banned from Earth following a mutiny staged by a Nexus-6 combat team in 2018.[3] Anti-replicant sentiment surged[2] beginning in late 2019 when replicant Roy Batty led an escape from the Off-world colonies and killed the Tyrell Corporation's founding CEO, Eldon Tyrell.[4]

When the Replicant Registration database leaked to the public, human supremacists began hunting and killing every replicant on Earth. This culminated with the Blackout in May 2022, causing the destruction of the planet's digital technology and economic collapse. Common citizens then gravitated toward analog technology. The UN instated the Replicant Prohibition Act, launching the Replicant Underground Task Force, which expanded Replicant Detection's goal of eliminating replicant life from Earth.[2]

In 2025, the Wallace Corporation provided a solution to the dying planet's food shortages by sharing patents for farming bioreactors and synthetic protein that lacked the impurities caused by the Earth's toxic soil. The corporation also brought digital technology back to the planet's citizens with the introduction of the Wallace Datalink Network.[2]

Replicant prohibition was lifted in 2036 with the introduction of the Nexus-9.[5]

Despite the pressure to leave Earth, many humans continued to live on the overcrowded planet as of 2049.[5]