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Scramble I showed them how to scramble the records, cover their tracks.

Parts of this subject's history, such as their fate or identity as a human or replicant are determined by random generation, player action, or a combination of both. Thus, this article aims to acknowledge all of the possibilities.

Lieutenant Edison Guzza was the boorish superior to Blade Runner Ray McCoy and overall commander of the LAPD Blade Runner unit in Captain Bryant's absence due to sick leave.


He was generally present in his office for the majority of McCoy's investigation. The dire state of the police force in 2019 was expressed through his character; he wasn't able to provide McCoy with even petty funds, indicating a decisive shift in social power to the corporations despite the omnipresence of police all over Los Angeles.[1]

Framing McCoy[]

As McCoy's investigation progressed, he was framed for the murder of Izo by Lt. Guzza, who had been assisting the renegade replicant group led by Clovis in an effort to prevent them from revealing his activities. Forced into hiding, McCoy explored the underbelly of Los Angeles and made contact with the replicant twins Luther and Lance, former genetic designers for the Tyrell Corporation, who were now working to extend their own lifespans, as well as those of all other replicants. From them, McCoy could receive a detailed report containing evidence of Guzza's corruption if he was able to sneak into the Tyrell building and steal DNA information off of Eldon Tyrell's meeting room desk. Using this information, he blackmailed Guzza and forced him to set his falsified record straight.[1]

Confrontation in the sewers[]

They met in the city sewers for the exchange, and Guzza offered an alliance between himself and McCoy in order to save each other's reputation among the LAPD. At this point, they were interrupted by Clovis and Sadik, where then McCoy either killed Guzza if he wished to side with the replicants or waited until Sadik shot Guzza and then fled to later join Crystal Steele in retiring the remaining replicants.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Guzza's a veteran cop from the old school. He learned his job the hard way–working the streets with a badge and pair of comfortable shoes. With Bryant out sick, he'll be giving you your orders– but watch your back. Sure, he's friendly enough, but Guzza didn't make lieutenant by being a patsy."

Behind the Scenes booklet[src]


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