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Film Continuity

Efgenia "Effie" Koropey was the assistant to Lydia Kine. In 2009, she discovered Kine's hanged body.


Effie initially lived in a town to the south of Los Angeles until its destruction by erosion. This prompted the family to move to the Los Angeles slums.[1]

When Detective Cal Moreaux investigated the scene of Lydia's death, Effie was prepared to answer his questions, but they were interrupted by Ilora Stahl, who insisted upon handling any inquiries by the Los Angeles Police Department and sent Effie out of the room.[2]

Later, Effie called Moreaux, informing him that a Nexus-5 prototype escaped the night Kine died.[2] Upon attempting to access Kine's files, Effie was visited by Stahl, who informed her that Kine had apparently deleted her documents prior to her death. As she left, Stahl asked Effie to give her any information Kine had possibly disclosed to her.[1]

She later met Moreaux at Nemo's Diner – which was constructed from debris procured from her hometown – to disclose information on the Nexus-5, primarily its obsession with optimization. Moreaux suggested that the two of them lay low and asked Effie why replicants were designed to look human.[1]

Later at Moreaux's apartment, Effie heard him talking in his sleep, prompting her to question whether he had lost someone. Despite her belief to the contrary, he answered 'no.' The two then criticized each other about the societal value of their respective career choices and ultimately decided to split up. Moreaux planned on going to Lydia's apartment to uncover information on how to kill the Nexus-5, while Effie traveled to her own apartment to find files that incriminated Tyrell.[3]

Upon arrival, Stahl awaited her, having uncovered files that revealed Lydia's achievement of transference, which Effie claimed to know nothing about.[3]

Later, from a cab, Effie witnessed Moreaux chasing Asa through the streets. Abandoning the cab, Effie tried to stop Moreaux to tell him something, but after the pursuit led into a museum, Effie was shot dead by Ilora Stahl.[4]