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Eldon Rosen was an executive of the Rosen Association and "uncle" to the Nexus-6 android, Rachael Rosen.


Rosen created the android Rachael to be used as a sales device for potential emigrants. He ensured that Rachael would be unaware of her true nature, giving her memories of a childhood aboard the Salander 3.[1]

On January 3, 1992/2021, Rosen was asked by Inspector Harry Bryant to arrange groups of Nexus-6 androids and humans to be subjected to the Voigt-Kampff test by bounty hunter Rick Deckard. Due to android manufacture not being present on Earth, there was a lack on androids on-site and Rachael was selected to be tested by Deckard. Eldon informed the bounty hunter of such upon his arrival at the company's Seattle headquarters.[1]

Rosen insisted on Rachael being the first subjected to the test, which quickly provided results of her being an android, which Rosen denied. Wishing for Deckard to return to his superiors with news that the Voigt-Kampff was obsolete, he attempted to bribe Deckard with the company's supposedly real owl, Scrappy. They offered Deckard ownership of the owl so long as Rosen was given any offspring it produced and that it would return to the company upon Deckard's death. Deckard was resistant to the latter, to which the Rosens allowed Deckard to give the owl to any heirs. Allowing Deckard thirty minutes to think this over, he stopped them to ask one more question, which confirmed to him that Rachael indeed was an android. Coming clean, Rosen confirmed this and that the owl was artificial as well.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Rosen appears only in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its comic book adaptation. In Blade Runner, the character Eldon Tyrell is based upon Rosen.