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Film Continuity

Emil Runciter was the owner of Runciter's Live Animals pet store.


Despite his claims of selling real animals, LAPD examinations showed half of his animals, including his 'prized white tiger' were, in fact, artificial ones. He was also guilty of laundering money for corrupt city servants and criminal organizations.[1]

He also attempted to sexually exploit his underaged assistant Lucy Devlin, an attempt that was interrupted by a raid perpetrated by Clovis and Zuben. Runciter was beaten, and all his animals were killed. LAPD Blade Runner Ray McCoy was dispatched to the crime scene to investigate. Runciter presented himself to the police as an innocent and unfortunate victim, lamenting over his loss.[1]

Runciter remained in business as of 2037. By this time, his business focused primarily upon rare specimens, such as Eldon Tyrell's owl, Eden.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Killing Runciter in Act 4 has no repercussions on the game. Doing so will unlock the trophy/achievement "Have a seat over here" in the Enhanced Edition. This choice is not canon, however, as Runciter appears in the "Fiery Angels" case file of Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game, set in 2037.


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