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Film Continuity

Emile Barnes was a fracking businessman in Fracktown.


Around 2020, Barnes leased thirty-two Nexus-8 replicants from the Tyrell Corporation for use in his energy facilities. This included a dozen pleasure models who were used at the Golden Garter club by Barnes' employees.[1]

In late 2032, Barnes approached Elle, insistently offering to purchase her spinner bike, met with her refusal each time. His efforts were halted when a boy delivered a message to him declaring that the Wallace Corporation would be confiscating his pleasure models. At the Golden Garter, he met with Wallace representative Menzes, who informed him that abuse and death of some of the replicants at the club were in violation of the lease Barnes originally signed with Tyrell. Angered, Barnes tried to attack Menzes, but was stopped by Menzes' aide Tatsuo.[1]

At his office, Barnes ranted about the situation and pinned the blame on one of his men – his cousin, Kozlov – and ordered him to solve the problem.[1]

After an attack on the Inland Empire Clean Energy Co-Op, Nyoko Kojima was brought to Barnes. He told Nyoko that she and the other captured residents would be expected to help keep the Golden Garter running or else risk the well-being of her daughter, Kaja.[2]

Barnes called Miguel, demanding a halt to the Co-Op's competition in exchange for the return of his family, expecting an answer within twelve hours. However, the captives, including Nyoko and Kaja, were soon rescued by Elle. Kozlov began to report this escape to Barnes, but his words were cut off by the factory exploding and killing Barnes.[3]