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Empathy box

John Isidore gripping his empathy box's handles

An empathy box was a device used by Mercerites to experience the upward climb by Wilbur Mercer, the central figure of their religion.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

As with Mercerism and Wilbur Mercer, empathy boxes originate from Philip K. Dick's 1964 short story "The Little Black Box." In this short story, empathy boxes are distributed by Wilcer, Incorporated. Additionally, in the story, telepaths are also present and a non-telepath can read a telepath's thoughts if both are using empathy boxes at the same time. Additionally, this story states that an empathy box can be built with common household objects, including a radio set and a light bulb filament. After empathy boxes are banned, such instructions are given on coupons contained in boxes of Merry Meal cereal. Two such boxes are given to the characters Ray Meritan and Joan Hiashi by a mysterious peddler who reminds them of Mercer.