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Film Continuity
For the police sergeant by the same name, see Esper (policeman)

The Esper was a computer used by the Los Angeles Police Department Blade Runner Unit.


Harry Bryant used an Esper while briefing Rick Deckard on his job to retire a group of replicants in November 2019.[1]

During his investigation, Deckard himself used one in his apartment to analyze photographs he had found in an apartment occupied by Leon Kowalski.[1] Ray McCoy also had access to Esper machines both in his home and the police headquarters. He utilized these to examine photos he obtained during his investigations.[2]

In 2023, Blade Runner Harper had a multitool outfitted with an Esper function, allowing him to play back events that had recently occurred in an area.[3]

Ex-Blade Runner Joseph used an Esper machine in late 2032 to examine footage of a "Doll Hunt" filmed by Hayden Hooper. This was done to help Elle, a replicant who managed to survive the hunt and sought vengeance.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Esper concept

Concept art by Syd Mead

The 1982 presskit for Blade Runner describes the Esper:

"A high-density computer with a very powerful three-dimensional resolution capacity and a cryogenic cooling system. The police cars and Deckard's apartment contain small models which can be channeled into the large one at police headquarters. This big apparatus is a well-worn, retro-fitted part of the furniture. Among many functions, the Esper can analyze and enlarge photos, enabling investigators to search a room without being there." Bryant briefs Deckard with the help of an esper and Deckard examines Leon's photos with one as well."