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Faith was a C-V android who found employment as Samantha Wu's lab assistant.


After serving in World War Terminus, Faith went rogue alongside several other C-V androids. On orders from the group's leader, Talus, Faith found employment at the Presidio in an animal and dust research project so that Talus could be privy to the latest developments in dust research.[1]

One morning, Faith made note of Sam's lateness being due to Betty, a co-worker who proselytized on behalf of Mercerism.[2] She brought a dust distribution map to Sam, who noted that she was making very little progress in her research. In a brief outburst of frustration, Sam scared the lab's rabbit then comforted it, noting that she felt empathy toward the rabbit. Faith warned Sam that she was beginning to sound like a Mercerite, as their religion put emphasis on empathy.[3]

As the bounty hunter Charlie Victor's search for rogue androids led him to the Presidio, Faith found the special Malcolm Reed in a bathroom and ushered him out of the building at gunpoint.[4] Faith brought him to Talus, who questioned Reed on his ability to identify androids.[5]

Faith, Hope, and Talus later armed themselved to prepare for Victor's arrival, should he survive an ambush set at Faith's apartment.[5] When asked about it by Reed, Faith explained to him the reason for her employment at the Presidio.[1]

Faith later took issue with Talus' defensive strategy, instead recommending an aggressive one. However, Talus reasoned that the group's decimation of human life from the city would eliminate the need to continued being defensive. When Victor arrived and killed Cabirus, Talus assured Faith that they would not deviate from the plan.[6]

Shortly after Victor entered the apartment without protest, Sam managed to discharge an EMP device against Talus' head, overwhelming him with emotion. As this distracted Hope, Victor disarmed her, prompting Faith to prepare to shoot. However, Talus urged her not to, as he could not bear the feeling of losing her. Complying, Faith gave up her gun.[7]

When the android group's remaining members arrived, Faith told them to shoot Victor, but he revealed that in his torso was a bomb. After a brief scuffle and Sam and Reed's escape, the bomb was detonated, killing all of the androids in the apartment.[7]