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Since the 1982 release of Blade Runner, numerous fan-made derivative works have been created.


The Blade Runner Chronicles[]


Blade Runner Chronicles


The Blade Runner Chronicles is a canceled series of internet fan films set in the Blade Runner universe. The plot was to follow two Blade Runners in 2019 Tampa, Florida (referred to as MetroTampa). The creators also planned on implementing the Weyland-Yutani Corporation from the Alien film franchise.

The series was in production in November 2004 and was canceled at an unknown date prior to March 2009.

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Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition[]

In 2013, Swedish artist Anders Ramsell created 12,597 watercolor paintings to craft a 35-minute long "paraphrasing" of Blade Runner. The short film was available on Ramsell's website until a copyright claim by Warner Bros. forced him to remove it in 2020.[1]

The Edge of Human[]

The Edge of Human is a Macau fan film released on YouTube on June 25, 2022. It is inspired by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Blade Runner.

The story takes place in 2999 Macau, one day before the 3rd millennium. A detective named Jeter from the Macau A.H. Unit (Android Hunter) investigates a Moonbus iijacking with fugitive androids whom might be involved with an attack on his friend. While investigating, he meets Marie, a female android who has memory implants created by her owner Lady Rose. With her he realizes the Andys might be equal to humans.

Despite being called The Edge Of Human, the movie is mostly inspired by Philip K. Dick and keeps the same elements, for example having a real pet animal is important and instead of Replicants, the term Andy is used, and the Android Hunters are not named Blade Runners.

The movie is directed by Johan Karlberg, who will also play the leading role of Jeter. Other cast members are Rika Kishida, who is known from the Japanese Power Rangers series Jetman.

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Video games[]

Blade Runner 9732[]

Blade Runner 9732 was a fan-made VR-compatible Blade Runner-themed game available on Steam. It allows players to explore Rick Deckard's apartment.[2] Due to a copyright complaint, the game is no longer available.[3]

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