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Film Continuity

Farhad was a member of the Replicant Underground.


Farhad accompanied Dyson and Silka in the power shutdown of five sectors in Los Angeles, then accompanied them to Yotun's compound with Freysa acting as their hostage. This was all part of a ploy to rescue Aahna Ashina, with the group claiming they had done these things to turn on Freysa's cause in favor of Yotun's revolution. Yotun figured this was part of a rescue attempt, but played along anyway, taking Freysa with him on an important mission.[1]

Once they were taken to the living quarters, Silka knocked out Lelia, allowing them to find Ash and free her from a rejuvenation tank. Silka was killed during their escape, though Farhad and Dyson managed to fly away in a spinner, with Ash knowing where Yotun had gone with Freysa.[1]

Farhad later helped Ash and Freysa escape the burning Los Angeles Police Department headquarters.[2]