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Film Continuity

An unnamed female Nexus-9 was part of the latest batch of Nexus-9 replicants designed by the Wallace Corporation in 2049.

Scientist and genius Niander Wallace examined this particular replicant with Luv, wishing her a happy birthday and using her as an example of what fallacies his replicants had that needed to be corrected. After she was born, the replicant was studied by Wallace and his drone eyes only for Wallace to cut open her belly, causing her to collapse to the floor a few moments afterward, dying of blood loss.[1]

The female replicant was used by Wallace to explain to Luv his need for replicants to reproduce, and ordered her to find the child that would allow him access to the key for replicant reproduction, something lost after the death of Eldon Tyrell and the Blackout.[1]