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Film Continuity

Filip was a Nexus-4 replicant that was "awakened" by the Nexus-5 Nia Moreaux.


Filip and Nia were tracked down and confronted by LAPD Detective Cal Moreaux and Asa. Filip attacked Moreaux and was shot in the arm, enraging the replicant, who tackled Moreaux into an apartment building. Suffering from an obsession for optimization, Filip attempted to take Moreaux's eyes, but was fended off with a pipe, destroying part of Filip's face. In retaliation, Filip attacked again, sending Moreaux through several walls until the detective managed to clothesline him with a group of cables.[1]

Filip find his way to Nia and began to torturously attack her until Moreaux tackled him. Asa then lunged onto him, sending him downward through several balconies, eventually beheading him.[1]