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Frank Klepacki is a musician, video game music composer and sound director. His score is featured in the 1997 Blade Runner video game.


Early life[]

Klepacki was born in 1974 to a family of musicians of Polish and Italian descent, and was given a drum set at the age of 8.[1] Electronica and heavy metal were the two prevailing genres that influenced him the most and, at the age of 17, began composing his own material and created his first demo disk.

Career at Westwood Studios[]

After supplying the audio director of Westwood with his demo disk - described as "an acoustic guitar song with electric guitar leads and keyboard strings, and raining sound effects" - Klepacki was hired as a composer for their new NES port of DragonStrike and the game Eye of the Beholder II.[2] He then composed music for Dune II, where he attempted to emulate the sound and feel of the original Dune soundtrack. While this was happening, Klepacki was in talks to score the Command & Conquer series of games, which would thrust him more into the spotlight and critical acclaim.[3]

Klepacki's work on the Command & Conquer series left him with awards, accolades, recognition, and caused Klepacki to embrace his newfound popularity, fans, and critics. In 1997, his score for Blade Runner (video game) and further Command & Conquer games would prove to be his last at Westwood when it was liquidated and shut down in 2002.[4]

Score for Blade Runner[]

Scoring the Game[]

Although Westwood was given permission to use the score composed by Vangelis for Blade Runner, they were barred access of the original master recordings. Klepacki had to reconstruct the film's music by ear, and the developers of the game gave his rendition high praise, claiming it sounded clearer than the original recordings.[5] The game features a mix of original themes recognizable from the film, but also a dose of new tracks - featured heavily in the nightclubs the player can visit in the game.

Track List[]

Below is a track list for the game. Frank Klepacki's Blade Runner soundtrack can be listened to in its entirety here.

  1. Intro
  2. Battle theme
  3. Gothic Club
  4. Gothic Club 2
  5. Gothic Club 3
  6. Rep Attack
  7. The Eyes Follow
  8. Taffy's Club
  9. Taffy's Club 2
  10. Put Your Hands On Me
  11. Late Call
  12. Enigma Drift
  13. Dektora's Dance
  14. By Invitation Only
  15. Animoid Row
  16. Solitude
  17. Piano theme
  18. One More Time, Love
  19. Etsuko theme
  20. Bomb Disarmed
  21. Blues
  22. Awakenings
  23. Bounce
  24. Bradbury Building
  25. Love theme
  26. Good Night
  27. End Credits


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