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"Free Will" is the ninth episode of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime.


Niander Wallace, Sr. speaks with Agent Hignight, the Wallace Corporation's head security agent. Despite Hignight's attempts to reassure him, Wallace is extremely concerned for his safety against Elle and hangs up. Niander Wallace, Jr. enters the penthouse, asking him what is wrong. The elder Wallace explains that Elle has killed Doctor M and is now after him, to which Wallace Jr. comments that obedient ones can find control of their own lives, seeing it as natural and uncontrollable. Regretting his actions in organizing the doll hunt, Wallace Sr. states that they need to end the situation, and his son responds that it is already ending. Wallace Jr. plays a move on the Go board before bidding his father farewell as he leaves.

Elle returns to Joseph's apartment and brings up his past as a Blade Runner. Joseph assures her that his career was far in the past and that if he wanted her dead, he would have killed her already. Elle then tells Joseph her intent to kill Niander Wallace, Sr., a task that Joseph believes to be impossible, suggesting that Elle should leave Los Angeles instead. Elle tells him that she plans on carrying this out on her own, and was not going to ask for his help.

Parked in front of a diner, Marlowe examines photos of Elle, asking where she came from. He then tosses the pictures aside and drives away. Meanwhile, Joseph speaks to someone on his phone, asking if he were to go through with a plan, that "she" would be free afterward.

Elle gains entry to the Wallace headquarters inside of a delivery truck, hiding on the ceiling to avoid detection. From the garage, she enters the building's ventilation system, then drops into a hallway, where she incapacitates two guards to enter an elevator. She shoots out a camera inside, which alerts Hignight to the security breach, prompting him to lock all doors and elevators, then seal Wallace Sr. into his penthouse.

Elle manages to escape the locked elevator and from the elevator shaft. In a server room, she is confronted by a group of guards, fighting through them with sniper support by Joseph. She then reaches the aviary, where Marlowe soon arrives. A game of cat-and-mouse ensues, followed by a fistfight. Marlowe manages to gain the upper hand and prepares to execute Elle, but is shot in the shoulder by Joseph, allowing her to escape. Marlowe sees Joseph – who has a clear shot as his head, but does not take it – and smiles at him.

Elle reaches the penthouse, allowed entry by a hand scanner that identifies her as Wallace Jr. Inside, she searches for Wallace Sr., who manages to shoot her several times. Writhing in pain, Elle asks Wallace why he organized the hunt, but he instead expresses his misgivings about her insistence to have free will, despite his perception of replicants not mattering, thus having no choice.

Elle points out that replicants can feel pain. Delighted, Wallace opens fire, but Elle dodges the shot and a struggle ensues, ending when Elle manages to force Wallace's gun underneath his chin and fires it, killing him. Hignight and several security guards arrive to the scene. Elle dives out of the window and is caught by Joseph, who flies them away.




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  • Nobuhiko Tanaka
  • Takashi Furuya
  • Daiki Suzuki
  • Momoka Takasaki
  • Naoki Tasaki