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Freysa Sadeghpour was a Nexus-8 replicant combat engineer and the leader of a replicant freedom group.


Inception and military service[]

Like other Nexus-8 models, Freysa was created by the Tyrell Corporation in 2020 in the aftermath of Eldon Tyrell's death in 2019. She was bestowed with a natural lifespan and given ocular implants to better recognize her as a replicant.[1]

Freysa military

Freysa during her military service

Freysa was designed as a combat medic for the Alcazar Group in Shenyang. She served a total of nine tours in the Off-world colonies, including Calantha, the Cerium Belt and the Vidar takeover.[3] It was on Calantha where she served with Sapper Morton.[1] In 2021, Freysa served in the Battle of Mesa Echo Erebus. After sedating fellow soldier Chiro, Freysa was in an explosion and was rescued by a group of soldiers, among them Yotun.[2]

Replicant Resistance[]

In June 2021, Freysa was present for the birth of Rachael's daughter and after Rachael's death, it became her responsibility to hide the child and scramble the records to keep her from being found. Freysa also became the leader of a growing replicant resistance movement sometime between the birth of the child[1] and 2027,[3] during which time the Blackout and replicant prohibition occurred. Freysa and those Nexus-8 replicants who could, fled into hiding to avoid retirement.[1]

In 2027, the group had the goal of hunting down Alexander Selwyn, a bootlegger of completely obedient Nexus-8s. The group took in former Blade Runner Aahna "Ash" Ashina, who sought Selwyn for other reasons, hoping to gain her assistance.[3]

As Freysa began to repair Ash's spinal brace, the group was attacked by Hythe, a Blade Runner. Dyson attacked Hythe, allowing Freysa, Ash, and Ephraim to escape into the city. There, Freysa finished the repairs and informed Ash of the group's goals, urging her to travel to Selwyn's former home in Santa Barbara.[3]

Later, after Ash tied up the loose ends with Selwyn, Freysa urged Ash to quit playing with the remote to her spinal brace and carried her to their shared bed.[4]

As of 2029, the pair maintained a romantic relationship and lived together.[5] After spending part of an evening at The Diamant, Ash pursued Lelia outside. Freysa came to Ash's aid when she was pinned beneath a taxicab door thrown by Lelia. Freysa noticed the woman's abandoned purse, the pair finding an address inside. This led them to a high-rise building which stored a number of replicants suspended within glass tanks.[6]

The next evening, Freysa returned home just as she saw the unconscious Ash being taken away in a spinner by Lelia.[7] She began to search for Ash, eventually turning up no leads. As she met with Dyson at a restaurant, a recent replicant escapee, Silka, informed her that she knew where Ash was.[8]

Acting as a hostage, Freysa went with Silka, Dyson, and Farhad to Yotun's compound, where Ash was being held. Once the group was introduced to Yotun, they claimed to have turned upon Freysa, instead wishing to join Yotun's revolution. Although figuring this to indeed be a ploy to rescue Ash, Yotun decided to play along, but decided to bring Freysa along with him for an important mission.[9]

Yotun brought Freysa to the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, where his group had begun their attack. Freysa tried to convince him such an attack was suicide, but this was to no avail. As the police retreated to ground level, Yotun reminded Freysa of Mesa Echo Erebus, revealing that he was one of the soldiers who rescued her. Referring to their re-encounter as a miracle, Yotun insisted that Freysa belonged with his group of revolutionaries.[2]

When a sudden bout of pain struck Yotun, his followers offered him blood transfusions, prompting Freysa to discover that Yotun surpasses his expiration date by receiving blood transfusions from other Nexus-6 replicants. Then, as Yotun broadcast a message to Los Angeles, declaring his group's takeover, Freysa pulled the plug on the broadcast. An angered Yotun then removed Freysa's right eye. Freysa was soon rescued by Ash and the two escaped the building with the help of the Underground.[10]

Six months later, Freysa and Ash were found by fugitive replicant Ambrose. However, they were ambushed by Pekka and other followers of Yotun. The attackers managed to escape with Ambrose and Freysa noted that they were considerably wrinkled, which Ash attributed to Yotun's transfusions.[11]

Later, while Freysa was alone in hers and Ash's apartment, a little girl knocked on the front door, asking for help. However, this was a ruse, as Blade Runner Brook Marlowe had paid the girl to lure Freysa out so he could hold her an gunpoint. As she was moved back into the apartment, Freysa took notice of the fact that he had not retired her on sight, correctly determining that he wanted something from her. Specifically, he demanded all information about the Replicant Underground. Revealing only that she and Ash were lovers, Freysa provided no details about the Underground itself, knowing that Marlowe would retire her anyway.[12]

After Marlowe suggested potential danger to Ash's life, he decided that they would wait for her to return to the apartment. Seizing an opportunity, Freysa clutched Marlowe by the throat, but he revealed that it was too late for Ash, as her superiors were already made aware of her pro-replicant activities.[12]

Ash was arrested and contacted Lydia Wojciech, who distracted two officers while they were transporting Ash, allowing Freysa to knock them both out and hijack their spinner. The couple traveled to Yotun's hideout, where they found a dying Kalia, who told them Yotun, who she claimed was Tyrell and that he had gone home. After Kalia expired, Freysa and Ash returned to the spinner as Freysa wondered if Kalia's information meant Yotun had gone to a Tyrell facility. However, Ash believed it meant that Yotun had gone to Tyrell's childhood home in the mountainous town of Edens.[13]

They flew to the mountains, where the spinner was shot down by Yotun, knocking out Freysa. She eventually came to, finding Yotun yielding to Ash. Freysa fired a shot into his head, killing him. She then picked up Ash and carried her away, saying she had a story to tell her about a "miracle."[13]

In 2039, Freysa and Ash resided in a camper. Freysa's old comrade Sapper Morton joined them, initially startling Ash, who had not expected his arrival. Ash was joined by the escaped replicant Lexi, who Freysa had not expected. The couple implanted in themselves the eyes Lexi used as payment, of which Freysa pointed out the irony, as Ash had made money selling replicant parts twenty years before. Ash then informed Freysa that Lexi's friend was killed by Luv, a replicant Blade Runner, and left for the city to save more replicants before Luv could reach them, urging Freysa and Sapper to leave.[14]

The Underground's escape routes soon became unsafe because of the looming threat of Luv. Ash brought a disk containing Alexander Selwyn's research into replicants, having nearly achieved replicant fertility. Freysa recommended that Ash destroy the disk, feeling that nobody should have such knowledge.[15]

The couple argued about what they should do with the data. While Ash suggested they use it to give replicants the ability to reproduce, Freysa refused, feeling this would be obscene, as they would have to create new replicants with fertility. Ash failed to understand Freysa's position and left for San Francisco with Cleo.[16]

The group eventually returned to Freysa upon a tractor. Ash explained that Isobel was being pursued by Niander Wallace and planned to kill him.[17]

Freysa accompanied Ash, Isobel, and Cleo in interrogating Rash, a replicant copy of Ash. They learned that Wallace felt he was close to achieving replicant fertility, believing that Isobel was the missing piece.[18]

After saving the group from Luv, Rash denied any allegiance to Wallace. Although Ash was distrustful of her, Freysa convinced her lover to take Rash with her to meet a contact of Wallace's, as her affliction was obviously worsening. After they left, Freysa questioned Luv on her loyalty to Wallace, guessing that she was in love with him. Freysa tried to convince her that Wallace did not truly care for her and only saw her as a product, Luv remarked that she was a "reflect" product, among others that lacked Freysa's "delusions."[19]

After Ash provided Wallace with Selwyn's research, Freysa asked if she regretted the decision. Ash did not, believing that Wallace was not prepared for the future that he may end up creating. Freysa asked how long until this future would arrive. Ash did not know, but was happy to wait for it with Freysa.[20]

Uncovering a miracle[]

In 2049, Blade Runner K of the LAPD retired Sapper Morton and uncovered the buried remains of Rachael.[1]

Whilst K looked over the photographs of Sapper's tree in downtown Los Angeles, Freysa ordered Mariette and other pleasure models to find out what K knew about the child. After a brief interaction with them, K decided to return to Sapper's for further investigation. Returning to Sapper's house yielded a photograph of Freysa holding Rachael's child.[1]

Freysa and K[]

After K and Rick Deckard – the father of Rachael's child – were ambushed by Luv in Las Vegas, Freysa and the resistance movement took K with them to safety after Deckard was flown to the Wallace Corporation.[1]

Upon waking, K met Freysa, who offered K a place with her resistance to fight for replicant freedom. Since K led Wallace to Deckard, Freysa said he could not allow Deckard to lead Wallace to Freysa and ordered K to kill Deckard to prevent a collapse of the resistance movement. She revealed to K that the child was a female and Freysa realized that K believed he was the child.[1]