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Garland was a Nexus-6 android who posed as a San Francisco Police Department officer at a precinct almost entirely occupied by androids.


After escaping from Mars, Garland found employment as a police inspector at the Mission Street Hall of Justice, which was staffed entirely by androids. Police files indicated that he was employed as an insurance underwriter, which Garland would later deny.[1]

After harness bull Crams brought in bounty hunter Rick Deckard on suspected murder of Max Polokov and the alleged harassment of Luba Luft, he passed Deckard off to Garland. Examining the contents of his briefcase and suggesting that Deckard was perhaps an android, Garland allowed Deckard a phone call before taking him to his office.[1]

There, he asked him about the Voigt-Kampff test and pointed out that, according to the files in his briefcase, Deckard's next target was Garland himself. He then summoned bounty hunter Phil Resch to compare files. Shortly after Resch was filled in on the situation, a message came over the intercom confirming that Polokov's bone marrow test confirmed him to be an android, despite Garland's insistence that he was human. With this revelation, Resch and Deckard advised that Garland be subjected to the Boneli test.[1]

When Resch left to retrieve the test, Garland grabbed a laser tube from his desk and trained it on Deckard. However, Deckard explained that if he was killed, a bone marrow test would confirm him to be human, which would only strengthen Resch's suspicions of him. Putting the laser tube away, Garland explained to Deckard that he indeed was an android who had escaped from Mars with the targets Deckard had yet to retire. Adding that Resch was also one of the androids, he revealed that the whole precinct was staffed by androids.[1]

As Resch returned, Garland brandished a small laser tube and aimed it toward him, but Resch reacted quickly, diving away and shooting Garland in the head, killing him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Garland appears only in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and its comic book adaptation. He has no equivalent Blade Runner character, but a sequence similar to the one involving Garland appears in the 1997 video game, with Baker filling a role reminiscent of Garland's.