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Film Continuity

Goodman was a researcher of replicant memories who worked as an assistant to Doctor M and conducted his own independent research following M's death.


In October 2032, Goodman assisted Doctor M in examining the memories belonging to the replicant Elle. From this, Goodman noted that Elle recalled some of her memories differently than they had been programmed and that some had been given to her by an unknown person. Elle managed to break free from the examination machine and attempted to take Goodman hostage, but he was shot in the arm by Doctor M, causing her to let go of him. After Elle killed M and disabled two guards, Goodman confirmed to her that Niander Wallace, Sr. had organized a hunt in which she was a target and that her memory of being with her boyfriend by a pool was legitimate.[1]

Goodman continued his research independently, with several clients offering to fund his activities. He eventually heard from Elle, who came to his lab wishing to erase some of her memories. However, Goodman informed her that select memories could not be safely erased; only the entirety of a replicant's memories could be purged. Elle decided to have her memories purged and she entered Goodman's machine, with Joseph's blessing.[2]

Despite Elle and Joseph's willingness to carry out the process, Goodman hesitated once the machine was ready to carry out the purge. An alarm eventually sounded and Water Lily entered his office, wielding a bloody sword. She slowly approached him and impaled him with the sword. Goodman then managed to shut down the machine before succumbing to his wound.[2]