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Hannibal Chew was designer of replicant eyes for the Tyrell Corporation. His work included the eyes of Roy Batty and Leon Kowalski.


In November 2019, while working, Roy and Leon entered his workstation. At first, he was merely angered and shouted at them that it was illegal for them to enter, but he soon learned that they were replicants, as they were unaffected by the frozen conditions of his lab. Leon ripped open Chew's jacket, exposing him to the cold and interrogated him while he froze. Roy and Leon found out from him that J.F. Sebastian could get them into Eldon Tyrell's inner sanctum.[1]

Chew lived next to the designer of the replicants' skin, Moraji, and that they would eat dinner every night until Moraji was killed by a bomb planted by Sadik.[2]

Behind the scenes

Chew was based upon the Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? character Hannibal Sloat and was played by James Hong in Blade Runner. Hong reprised his role in the 1997 video game as well.

In a draft of the screenplay by David Peoples, there was a scene ultimately left unfilmed where Chew is found frozen solid. He is accidentally knocked over and broken into many pieces on the floor.[3]