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Inspector Harry Bryant was an officer with the San Francisco Police Department. He was the direct superior to bounty hunters Rick Deckard and Dave Holden.


On the morning of January 3, 1992/2021, upon Deckard's arrival at work, Bryant told him to meet him at 9:30, informing him that Holden had been wounded on a job and hospitalized. Deckard tried to have Bryant elaborate on the situation, but Bryant left the room, insisting they wait until their meeting.[1]

At the meeting, Bryant informed Deckard of Holden's assignment to retire eight Nexus-6 androids. Successful in eliminating two of them, Holden was shot by Max Polokov. Deckard offered to take the assignment, to which Bryant agreed, but did air his doubts that Deckard was nearly as capable as Holden.[1]

He ordered Deckard to first go to the Rosen Association headquarters in Seattle to ensure that the Voigt-Kampff test would work on Nexus-6 androids. Bryant planned on setting up the test personally, ideally having Deckard test several humans as well as androids, noting that a schizoid or schizophrenic human could theoretically fail the test.[1]

After Deckard retired Max Polokov and Luba Luft, Bryant called him to inform him that Roy and Irmgard Baty. When Deckard was resistant to the idea of taking them out so soon after the others, Bryant pointed out that the androids could flee by the following day.[1]

Deckard retired the remaining three androids later that evening, a record number of six Nexus-6 androids in one day. Because of this, Bryant recommended a citation for Deckard to Chief Cutter.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Bryant originally appears in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. In the film adaptation, Blade Runner, he is portrayed by M. Emmet Walsh.