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"You're either a cop or little people."[src]

Harry Bryant was the captain of the Blade Runner Unit of the LAPD who assigned ex-Blade Runner Rick Deckard to return to his job and retire six escaped Nexus-6 replicants.


After Bryant's top Blade Runner, Dave Holden, was shot and critically wounded by the replicant Leon, Bryant sent Gaff out to "arrest" Deckard and bring him to Bryant. While Bryant at first made attempts to be friendly, their meeting soon boiled down to pure business as he briefed Deckard on the replicants that he needed to retire: Leon, Zhora, Pris and Roy Batty.[1] While briefing Deckard, he mistakenly told him that only one replicant from the group had died, apparently leaving another unaccounted for.[2]

Bryant and Gaff later met Deckard near a streetside bar after he retired Zhora. Bryant was more friendly to Deckard, boasting to Gaff that he could learn from him. However, his lack of humanity in regard to Zhora's death and the effect it had Deckard was noticeable. He also informed Deckard that he now needed to retire the experimental replicant Rachael, who had gone rogue after learning her true replicant identity. He then wished Deckard good luck and left the bar.[1] After returning to the spinner he arrived in with Gaff, Bryant spotted Rachael in the mirror. He considered having Gaff turn around so he could retire her himself, but decided he wanted Deckard to do it.[2]

In August 2020, following Gaff's death while on assignment, Bryant attended the funeral and showed distaste for the gravestone's Cityspeak epitaph. He returned to the police precinct and to his office, where he drank heavily. There, he was met by Sarah Tyrell. He deliriously acknowledged her as he drank, pouring one for her as well. Eventually, he asked her why she was there and she answered that she had brought him something. She drew a gun and fatally shot him in the heart, causing him to tip back in his chair. In his final moments of before death, he heard his assassin leave and wished that he could have thanked her.[2]

Sarah killed Bryant as part of a plot to destroy the Tyrell Corporation and made it seem that he removed files of the renegade group's sixth replicant. Deckard met Bryant in his office, though Bryant was displayed as video to him, claiming to be in the hospital with an infection. Deckard soon realized that the image was a persynth.[2]