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Film Continuity

Hayden Blair Hooper was a journalist with ties to the Wallace Corporation as of the year 2032.


Hooper graduated Magna Cum Laude from CSULB. He was awarded the Cooke Prize for Investigative Journalism as well as the 2030 New Sacramento Press Award. As of 2032, he resided in Long Beach, California.[1]

In October 2032, Hooper chartered a plane to the Nevada Desert. He accompanied Arthur Bannister, Earl Grant, and Josephine Grant on a hunting trip, their targets being a group of replicants designed to be totally submissive to humans. After witnessing several successful kills, Hooper was left to his own devices once the group caught up to Elle and Miu, who had hijacked one of their buggies. Hooper tossed a knife to them, provoking Elle to fight back. He egged her on further by shooting and killing Miu and proceeded to hit Elle with the butt of his rifle and kick her several times. Much to Hooper's surprise, Elle then managed to fight back, leading to a brief fistfight between the two of them. Elle managed to gain the upper hand and wielded the knife, which she then plunged into Hooper's chest. Elle then spotted Hooper's camera and made off with it, bringing it all the way to Los Angeles with her.[2]

Later, Senator Bannister expected Hooper to join him at a boxing match between two replicants, but he never showed. When Elle entered the room, Bannister assumed it was him but was confused to see Elle instead. When Elle indicated who she was, Bannister asked her about Hooper's whereabouts. Upon seeing Elle holding Hooper's camera, it quickly dawned upon him what had truly happened to Hooper.[3]