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Film Continuity
Mining colony

An unidentified Off-world mining colony was operated by Heidecker-Vostro.

The colony was based on a moon[1] covered in an arctic-like landscape, with icy mountains of rock dotting the surface and auroras being visible from the night sky. Above the surface, numerous mining platforms roamed the troposphere above an intense geothermic mining ground rich in a crystal known as Shine, also, it appeared to have a non-breathable atmosphere, as miners had to wear air suits to properly work.[2]

Padraic and Robbens worked in the colony, Padraic as a miner and Robbens as an assistant to Darja Kady.[2] By the year 2026, the colony was attacked by a rogue band of replicants, who attacked one of Heidecker-Vostro's mining platforms and kidnapped Padraic and Cleo Selwyn.[1]